Annual report 2022


As can be seen from the photo above, the Guernsey Aid logo is now proudly attached to a new shallow well in Nyampende village, Tanzania. The well was fully funded by Guernsey Aid and was installed by the local Eleanor Foundation team. Altogether £25,000 of Guernsey Aid funds were distributed around the world in 2022 and we completed our biggest ever project, a brand new primary school for ethnic minority children in Chak Chap village, northern Cambodia. The children previously had no access to education at all. In Zambia we continued to participate in the bed sponsorship scheme at St Francis Hospital and in Malawi we are in the process of helping the Malawi Roundtable to build a community school and vocational training centre for street children in the capital, Lilongwe.

At home we carried out all the administrative adjustments needed to comply with the new Charity Law and the Community Foundation even asked if they could use our constitution and related policies as a template for other charities. We have been delighted to welcome Cherry McMillen onto the Committee and my thanks go out to all the Committee members for their support especially to Peter Keeling for his tireless work as Treasurer. I have now retired from my States appointment as an Overseas Aid Commissioner and I am therefore hoping that in 2023 we will be able to raise the profile of Guernsey Aid a bit with a view to attracting more funds. 

Nick Paluch (Chairman)

Project work

The Children’s Ward and SCBU at St Francis Hospital in Katete, Zambia where we have continued our participation in the bed sponsorship scheme with a donation of £2,500.

New shallow well in Chato District, Tanzania

A £2,500 donation from us has enabled the Eleanor Foundation to install a brand new well in Nyampende providing much needed clean water for the entire village.

Chak Chap primary school in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.

This was our biggest project to date. Our donation of £15,000 covered all the infrastructure costs of a brand new primary school in a remote ethnic minority village that previously had no school at all. United World Schools delivered the project on the ground and the government have taken over the running costs.  

Streetwise Community School and Vocational Training Centre, Malawi.

A £5,000 donation from us is helping the Malawi Roundtable to build a community school and vocational training centre for street children in Lilongwe. Our contribution will cover the cost of the roof and rain water harvesting system.