Spring 2021

‘Jibon Tari’ Floating Hospital in Bangladesh

The ‘Jibon Tari’ Floating Hospital was launched in 1999 to deliver vital medical treatments including surgery to remote disadvantaged riverside communities throughout Bangladesh who would otherwise have no access to such care. Since starting it has helped more than a million people by carrying out 48 missions in 27 different locations. It is run by the Impact Foundation with whom Guernsey Aid already has an established link through The Lake Clinic in Cambodia.

At a meeting to allocate funds in April 2021 the Committee approved a donation in support of the work being done by the hospital which will cover the cost of several sight-restoring cataract operations. When a poor villager loses their vision it usually means that they are also unable to work and earn a living which plunges them even deeper into poverty. Their lives can be completely transformed following the relatively simple and straightforward surgery offered by ‘Jibon Tari’.

Special Care Baby Unit at St Francis Hospital,

Part of the remit of Guernsey Aid is to continue the good work which for many years has been done by Peter Keeling’s charity the ‘Friends of Katete’ (a small town in rural eastern Zambia). The St Francis Mission Hospital is based there and is run jointly by the local Anglican and Catholic Dioceses. We will be providing bed sponsorship to the busy Special Care Baby Unit and Children’s Ward where Dr Nick spent some time working as a volunteer in September 2011.    

Village borehole project in Katete, Zambia

Next door to the St Francis Hospital in Katete is another of our trusted partners, the Tikondane Community Centre which works tirelessly to help lift vulnerable families out of poverty. As well vocational training and sheltered employment it is currently providing nutritional support to malnourished local children. In conjunction with Tikondane and in keeping with our ethos of addressing basic needs we have undertaken to fund boreholes in two of the nearby villages to ensure they have a reliable supply of clean water.

The Lake Clinic on the Tonle Sap in Cambodia

With Covid 19 making it impossible for us to visit any of our partners at the moment and also making it extremely difficult for them to carry out their day to day work we are keen to let them know that our thoughts are still with them. The Lake Clinic in Cambodia has been continuing it’s weekly missions out on to the Tonle Sap Lake as best it can and we will be continuing to provide funds so that they can supply more Biosand water filters to the floating villages they service.